Recent Legislation


Tax Benefits Code

Law 8/22, of April 14th, besides creating a tax exemption for public entitles and equivalent ones, as well as for income (profits and dividends) of stocks negotiated in regulated markets, has approved the Tax Benefits Code. This new Code now aggregates in one diploma the several tax benefits that were dispersed in several legislation, revoking the provisions related to those tax benefits established in such legal diplomas.

Besides establishing the scope of application, concept and characteristics of the tax benefits, rules to access the same, attribution and extinction of it, along with other general applicable rules, the Code has categorized those tax benefits in:

i. Tax benefits of social nature
ii. Tax benefits for job creation and professional development of the employees
iii. Tax benefits for the protection of the environment
iv. Tax benefits for the financial system and stock exchange markets
v. Tax benefits for Private Investment, Free Zones, capitalization of companies and for Micro, Small and Medium size companies
vi. Tax benefits for Patronage
vii. Other tax benefits

We are totally available to support you on clarifying this or in any doubts that you may find in reading the Code, as well as, together with you, understand how these tax benefits can apply to your company or institution.