Recent Legislation


Legal regime of self-invoicing

According to Presidential Decree 144/23, of June 29th, new rules are established for the legal regime applicable to the issuance of Invoices/Receipts by purchasers of goods and services, replacing their suppliers of goods or services (self-invoicing).

This regime is then applicable to entities with tax residence in Angola, which are obliged to have accounting accordingly with the Angolan Law, and that, in the exercise of their economic activities, acquire, in the national territory, goods of the Primary Sector, namely the Sectors of Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, Beekeeping, Poultry, Fisheries, Livestock, Handicrafts, Manufactured Products, as well as services of various nature, to individuals without the capacity to issue invoices or equivalent documents.

This regime is also applicable on the acquisition of movable property subject to registration, that were previously acquired by individuals for their own use for more than 6 months.

Comparing this regime with the old one, the main differences relate to the obligations of reporting to the Angolan Tax Authorities, as well as on the reduction of the limit of acceptance of the cost with the same, namely when the goods acquired are essential to the main activity of the acquirer, that is now of 40% of the cost of goods sold and other services and goods acquired to third parties. The general limit for the other entities that acquire such goods and services continues to be of 20%.

The new regime enters into force 30 days after its publication, being applicable until that date the one stated in Presidential Decree 194/20.