Recent Legislation


Presidential Decree 92/17: Establishes in Kz: 16.503,30 the guaranteed minimum national salary


Presidential Decree 93/17: Adjusts the mandatory social protection amounts


Warning 4/17 (BNA): Establishes the rules and procedures for the realization of Foreign Exchange operations for the reception of revenues on the exportation or re-exportation of goods on Angola


Law 10/17: Law that changes Law 30/11, of September 13 – Micro, Small and Medium Companies Law


Presidential Decree 151/17: Approves the changes on article 75º, n.º 1, of the Presidential Decree 108/11, May 25, that approves the Regulation for the Foreigners Juridical Regime
Tax Calendar JULY
Tax Deadline Description Return

CIT - Withholding Tax (II) 31/07/2017   Assessment and payment of the tax withheld on services paid in the previous month   (i)

Real Estate Income Tax
31/07/2017   Assessment and payment of the tax withheld on rents paid in the previous month   (i)

Stamp Tax (IS) 31/07/2017   Payment of the IS assessed in the last month, being the most relevant one the 1% IS due on invoices/receipts issued in the previous months related to invoices received   (i)

Investment Income Tax (IAC) 31/07/2017   If any IAC on income liable to the
same was assessed/withheld in the previous month, the tax should be paid this month

Consumption Tax (IC) 31/07/2017   Payment of the IC assessed in
all the invoices received last month for services rendered and in goods produced and sold last month (IC is assessed on cost of goods produced)

Employment income Tax
31/07/2017   Payment of the IRT withheld on the remuneration and fees paid to, respectively, employees and self-employees last month.   (i)

Social Security (SS) 10/07/2017   Payment of the SS assessed (8%) and withheld (3%) to the employees last month.   (ii)

(i) Payment Return (DLI)
(ii) Remuneration Schedule and Payment Letter
Nota: Values in foreign currency are converted to local currency using the average exchange rate of the last quarter

Other Relevant Information

Foreign Exchange Rates (13/07/2017)

Currency Buy Sell

ZAR 12,335 12.451

EUR 184.491 186.297

USD 165,092 166,743

Barrel Oil Price


$47.74    0.22    0.46%

2017.07.12 end-of-day

Source: Ministry of Finance


Month Monthly Accumulated Year-on-Year Change  

May 1,76 11,36 34,08

April 2,00 9,43 36,33

March 2,24 7,29 37,86

Source: BNA